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4 Big Retirement Myths You Should Stop Believing

A little while ago, we shared five big priorities you should work on as you are nearing retirement. We looked at retirement income planning, touched on considerations for your investments and sources of income, and even explained why giving your home some attention was a smart idea in the five years or so just before retirement.

However, we neglected to mention one to-do in that post that you also shouldn’t forget in your retirement plan: “don’t believe everything you hear about retiring.”

It’s true. There are tons of retirement myths floating around the internet and in your friends’ and loved ones’ imaginations that have the potential to ruin your “golden years.” Many of these relate to financial planning and money management both before and during retirement, but there are also some myths about general retirement living that also need to be “busted.”

Today’s post highlights four of the most significant retirement myths out there and offers some truthful insight so you can better prepare. (more…)

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