Our collaborative of communities aims to help those seeking senior independent living in Lancaster, PA, find both the home and the care they need to thrive as they enjoy their retirement years successfully. You can find joy and fulfillment at any one of Explore Retirement Living's independent living facilities right here in Lancaster County, PA.

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As you get older, you begin to think about where you are going to spend your retirement. After work obligations have ended, you can choose to live anywhere you want! Pennsylvania has long been a favorite for locals and those out of state alike because of its beautiful landscapes, four distinct seasons, and proximity to major urban areas like New York City. With its rich history and diverse options for food and entertainment, it's no wonder senior Lancaster residents are consistently ranked some of the happiest in the United States!

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Many people look forward to retirement as the part of their life where they can relax and enjoy their time without the many overwhelming obligations of contemporary living. Our collaborative living efforts consist of 18 continuing care retirement communities. We work together to encourage seniors seeking independent living for their retirement years to consider the Lancaster, PA, area.

We have homes available all over the county, with differing levels of care available, so you can find somewhere comfortable and enjoyable to live.

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Did you know most older adults will require advanced care as they age? Our senior living communities offer a continuous care system, so we will work with you to plan your living situation if you have additional healthcare requirements during your time with us. Our highly trained team members can help you navigate the transition to an area where you can get the type of care necessary when you need it.

Personal care, skilled nursing care, rehabilitation, and memory care are just some of the services offered to benefit you as your needs evolve. We dedicate ourselves to making your senior independent living in Lancaster, PA, easy, enjoyable, and fulfilling through our continuous care options. If you'd like to learn more about the services and amenities included in one of our facilities' costs, please feel free to contact them!


Founded in 1729, Lancaster County has a long history in Pennsylvania. It's the birthplace of dozens of treats we've all come to loveā€”like the whoopie pie and other Pennsylvania Dutch goodies. It is one of the most beautiful areas in the state, with lush farmland, dozens of cultures, and easy access to entertainment for each person's interests.

Family members who visit you will have their fill of fun too, thanks to the daily activities you can find all over the county. There are fitness facilities, fine dining options, theaters, golf courses, concert venues, and many other ways to capture your time, so you will never be bored. When looking for the best options for senior living, Lancaster, PA, is the best choice.

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The Lancaster, PA, area is home to an incredible variety of restaurants, small shops, and places to stay and explore. When you think about the hundreds of daily activities you have access to, can you think of a better place to plan for senior independent living? Lancaster, PA, supports your ambitions with lots of fun, but its abundant farmland and beautiful scenery also help you appreciate the slower periods in your life. Your retirement doesn't have to be boring—let's make it fulfilling together!

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It's never too early to begin asking questions about senior independent living in Lancaster, PA. Some people even start thinking about retirement at the beginning of their careers! You might have some concerns we've already addressed in our frequently asked questions section. There are topics across the board, including independent living costs and the what-ifs concerning outliving your means. If you want to know how our communities can serve you during retirement, we have answers.

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Our blog focuses on the different ways you can explore Lancaster, PA, and tips about making your retirement as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible. Do you want to learn more about what financial considerations are put into play when deciding on a place to retire? Curious about the difference between continuous care and in-home care? We have an informational article about that! There are so many things to learn about retirement, and we are excited to share our knowledge with you.

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