How Lancaster, PA is Growing—and the Future Outlook

There’s no doubt that if you’ve been living in Lancaster for more than ten years, you’ve seen some changes. A lot of changes. Areas like Downtown Lancaster have gone through a huge revitalization with the addition of businesses, restaurants, and even a convention center at the heart of Downtown. With all of these changes and the continual improvement of neighborhoods and city streets—thanks to the fine dining, nighttime hotspots, and bustling tourism—Lancaster has practically been reborn. And, if the last several years are any indication, Lancaster doesn’t show any signs of stopping that growth.


Fun in Lancaster County for Retirees

You’ve finally got all the free time in the world, so how do you spend it? With so many obvious choices to choose from, it’s hard to imagine there could be a place that has a little bit of everything. From fun restaurants, countryside day trips, and a historic railroad, to art galleries and plenty of theaters, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania seemingly has it all.

Lancaster County is a historic, inviting area that has so much to offer, day or night; there’s always something to do, some place to visit, or some dining experience you’ve just got to try.


How to Choose the Retirement Community That’s Right for You

Is your home or room the most important part of retirement community living? Do you want a place that has ample amenities or services? When you have specific interests or ‘needs,’ it helps to use those as a way to narrow down your list of possible communities. The process of choosing a retirement community can seem daunting, but it’s also an exciting new time in your life and there are so many more options available to seniors today than there were ten, twenty, or even thirty years ago. (more…)

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